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We offer to visit on our tour unique and well-known sights of Georgia:
Borjomi, where you can walk through the park and drink medicinal water directly from the source.
Rabat is the largest restored fortress with towers, museums, a mosque, a church, etc.
Vardzia is the legendary cave city of Queen Tamar, which will not leave you indifferent and will surprise with its scale.


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  • Borzhomi Park – has become the hallmark of Georgia thanks to amazing mineral water. About its healing properties was known in ancient times. It is important to note that this water is of volcanic origin.
  • The city of Akhaltsikhe (Rabat fortress) – On the very bank of the quiet Potskhovi river, the main attraction of the town of Akhaltsikhe – the ancient stone fortress of Rabat – stands, which keeps traces of the presence of two cultures of Georgian and Turkish.
  • Vardzia is a whole cave city hidden from prying eyes in the thick of soft tuff. The cave fortress itself – the monastery stretches for 900 meters and is located in the sheer tuff wall of the mountain called Erusheti. Translate this name can be like Bear Mountain. And below the Mtkvari flows modestly and almost imperceptibly … About 600 rooms are carved in the mountain itself, but unfortunately, the exact number of them is not known. There are rooms that were churches and chapels, cells and storerooms, baths and refectory, treasuries and libraries. Also, if you wish, you can find small secret passages, although most of them are already inundated. There are remains of an ancient aqueduct that allowed the inhabitants of Vardzia not to die of thirst, as well as the irrigation system, which undoubtedly played a huge role in the lives of the people who lived in this place. The premises themselves go deep into the rock by as much as 50 meters, and their height above each other is equal to the height of a modern eight-story building.

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